An Opinionated Daddy's View of Life

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Me and My Shadow, Strolling Down the Avenue

I think I becoming a (well, perhaps more so, anyway) grumpy, old man. What makes me say that? I HATE...JUST HATE, when I walk into a restaurant (which I do often, as I can't cook, and even if I could, the oven at the little house by the big lake always fills the place with smoke whenever try to use it) and I asked, "just one?"

Okay, maybe it's just because I've been single forever and sort of underwhelmed by that fact, but to me this expression is both insulting and demeaning. I used to try and make a joke out it. I'd say, "what, am I not enough?". Lately, though, I have started be more blunt and saying, "You know, lonely, single, old folks hate being referred to as 'just one.'

Don't get me wrong, will I really do enjoy my alone time, just me and my crazy dog, hanging out, but being single I find there is a LOT more of this alone time than I've had before. At my age, most of my friends are married or partnered and focused (as they should be) in their own lives. Also, I've never been a guy who has 'buddies.'

I think at my age I've lived a full and successful life, so single or not, I don't see myself as, 'just' anything.

At least, that is what THIS DADDY thinks.