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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Old Sailor and the Young Marine

There once was a grizzled, old sailor.

Cynical and cranky, one day the old sailor met a young Marine.

The young Marine was virile, brave and stalwart.

With eyes as blue as sapphires and a smile as bright as the sun, the young Marine entranced the old sailor.

Thought to have a heart as cold as ice, the older became smitten, his heart melting like chocolate in a heated pot.

Then the young Marine went far away, to serve the country he loves.

Upon arriving in the far away land, leading by example, the young Marine made life tough for the younger Marines with whom he served. They, the younger Marines, called him many names and thought of the old sailor's young Marine as a hardass.

While it was true that the young Marine had a hard ass, round, firm, beautiful and tight, as the old sailor knew, it was not that he was a hardass, rather the young Marine cared deeply about his subordinates and therefore he was tough on them for their own good. So that when tested in battle, they would be thoroughly tested.

While the old sailor was left lonely and horny and his missed the young Marine intensely, he was very proud of his young Marine, and his service and happy to have the young Marine in his heart, no matter might the future bring for them both.

To be continued?  Who knows?  Likely the story of the old sailor and the Young Marine will not have a happy ending.  But, hopefully both will feel the time they shared was special, however long it might last.

At least, that is what THIS DADDY thinks.

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